Valentine’s day celebration ideas on a budget

Hi Everyone! Valentine’s day is not far and I believe you should never leave a chance to show your loved ones their importance in your life. You can always plan a date within a budget and make them feel special as love is all about spending time together and efforts that you put to make your relationship special.

Planning a date all by yourself is not only budget friendly but also makes the other partner believe that they are really important in your life as you have put so much efforts all by yourself only for him/her.

Here are some pocket friendly ideas for a Valentine’s day date:-

1. Decorate your room with flowers and hearts that you can make by taking a red paper and join them to a thread and make many hangings with it. You can stick these hearts on the wall as well as ceiling. You can also make a collage of both of your photos and put it on the wall. Adding fairy lights or candles on this decoration will complete the whole look of the room.

2. Plan a long drive where you can play his/her favorite songs on the way and go on a beautiful lonely beach or monument where you can spend some quality time together just talking about how much you love him/her and expressing all your feelings.

3. Making dinner or lunch for him/her is not only old school but a never out of fashion idea. You can make his/her favorite food and decorate your dining table with candles to give it a perfect date look. You can serve them yourself and make them feel special throughout the night. You can also plan this dinner date in your garden area or at your terrace to make it more special.

4. Plan a movie night at home where you can play his/her favorite romantic movie with his/her favorite food, lying at your living room’s sofa or at your bed or you can play it on a projector (if you have one) at your terrace and organize the whole date there lying on the mattress and watching the whole movie together holding hands or hugging.

5. Search and win is the most interesting concept which can make your partner feel really special and would be so much fun. You have to make various chits writing one liners or different feelings in short for your partner and hide it all over your home with small gifts or chocolates. Stick one chit at the washroom mirror, one at your fridge and all other places where you know he or she will surely visit after coming back home from work or after waking up in the morning. They will get after finding 2-3 chits that there are more of them and would search for them with excitement and would definitely love the efforts you have put in doing all this.

(You can write lines like ‘You mean the world to me’ and ‘This face in the mirror makes my heart skip a beat every time I see it’)

Finally, I just want to say that all that matters is your love for them. If you can’t plan anything special for your partner then just simply say to him/her “I love you so much and you mean the world to me”.

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