Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for HER

Hi Everyone! Tomorrow is Valentine’s day and I know a lot of you must be still confused what gift you should give to your partner in such a short period of time and make them feel special. Finding a perfect gift is not at all easy especially if you wish to make your Valentine’s day really worth remembering and special in every sense. You must celebrate your Valentine’s day in the best way possible.

This day requires a special thoughtful gift that can make her realize her importance in your life. Think about what she loves or if there is something she mentioned in front of you that she wanted. This will make her feel that you always care about what she says and what she wants. If you are still confused and has no idea what you should buy her I am here to help. Being a girl I can tell you what every girl would like to have or what sort of gifts can make her happy. Here are some last minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for HER.

1. Spa and Massage

You can give her spa and massage vouchers where she can go can relax for some time and her body will also feel fresh and energetic especially if she works a lot she really needs this break. Or you can buy a spa kit and be her massager for a single day and give a body and hair spa to her all by yourself and make her feel more special. Don’t forget to add foot massage to her spa session. You just have to decorate the room with some roses and aromatic candles and dim the lights and make her feel relaxed. She will be more than happy to get this relaxing treatment from her own man.

2. Photo Collage

Photo frames are one of the best ideas when you are confused what to buy. Just collect all your pictures together and make a collage out of it. You can even add some romantic notes below every picture or you can manage the photos in the sequence of your meetings till date.

3. Chocolates, Card and Flowers

Chocolates, Card and Flowers are so old school but still works great. You can buy her favorite chocolates and a Valentine’s day card or even better make one by yourself. Handmade things look much more romantic and you can even write a poem for her if you are good at writing. If she is one of those girls who thinks buying flowers is a total waste of money then give her a flower pot instead which she can put into her room, balcony or garden.

4. Shopping Vouchers

A lot of guys have this problem that their girlfriend never likes the gifts they give to her. You can simply give her shopping vouchers and tell her to buy whatever she wants of her own choice. I know this will not look thoughtful but this is could get romantic if you would go along with her for shopping and you two would spend some time together.

5. Jewellery

A fine piece of jewellery is loved by all women. I personally love wearing earrings and similarly all women have love for different kinds of jewellery. She could be more interested in a necklace or a chain or earrings or bracelet or might be anklet. You should know what your girl likes more. If you have good money to spend on gold or platinum then it is pretty awesome but if your budget is not that much then don’t worry. One can buy some fancy artificial jewellery or handmade jewellery your girl will love that too. Don’t give her a ring unless you are planning to propose.

6. Bag

Girls love carrying stylish bags. There are many options as well like sling bag or hand bag or travel bag or wallet. This will help her keeping her things and you can tell her that you care about her whenever she is out for work for travel. Ask her friends or sister if she likes a particular brand or else give her the bag you feel like giving her.

7. A Customized Box

This is the best thing you can ever gift a person. Just buy or make yourself a beautiful box and put many little things into it. You can add her favorite lipstick, chocolates, eyeliner, a small piece of jewellery, some edible items, skincare or haircare items, tiny soft toys or whatever she likes. Just fill the box with some goodies that you know she likes and give it to her. She will surely love it as there will be variety of things that she likes.

Finally, don’t forget to tell her how much you love her and what she means to you. Believe me girls love hearing that stuff.

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  1. Nice tips! Especially the customized box idea. Haven’t thought of that one before. Thanks 🙂 Maybe you should have done a countdown 😛 Leading to the box as number one.

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