Titan Skinn Traveller’s Exclusive Perfume for Her Review

Who doesn’t like to smell good? It is not easy to get the perfect scent that suits every occasion be it office, party or a regular hangout. I am here to review Titan Skinn Traveller’s Exclusive Perfume for Her. This is a whole pack of three different smelling perfumes for every occasion which are Nude, Celeste and Sheer.


1590/- for a pack of three 20 ml each bottles.

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It comes in a small pretty looking box which has three different perfume bottles that comes in separate cartons. The 20ml bottle is travel friendly and can be easily carried in a handbag.

My Experience

I got this Titan Skinn Traveller’s Exclusive Perfume for Her as a gift and was damn excited to try it as I loved its pretty packaging. The three cute little bottles have different scents for different moods and could be used on different occasions and they also lasts really long . My Experience with all the scents are –

1. Nude

This one is my favorite amongst the three scents. It has a very mild yet noticeable fresh elegant rose petals kind of smell which you can wear daily. All of my friends also loves its smell and it gives you a meditating effect. If you are planning to buy a bigger perfume bottle or wanted to gift one to your female friend then I would definitely suggest this.

2. Celeste

If I compare the three scents then this would come at last. It has a floral scent with typical perfume like smell. I wear it for normal day outs. If you want to buy a bigger perfume bottle then I would not suggest this but you can try it in this box because it is possible you would like its smell unlike me.

3. Sheer

This little bottle is my second favorite in the pack and has a sweet smell somewhat like chocolates. I carry it on special dates as I have been using nude as my daily scent so this helps me to smell different on special occasions.

Overall I just loved this box and the perfumes and it is an amazing product if you like trying different scents or wants to find out which scent would suit you perfectly.


• one could try different scents

• ideal for gifting to your female friends

• travel friendly

• long lasting

• good quality

• elegant smell


• not any

Will I recommend?

Yes, definitely buy one and try these three different amazing smells or gift someone they will surely love it.

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