Shaving vs Waxing: Gillette Venus Razor for Women Review

Hi Everyone! Today I am going to compare waxing with shaving and is going to tell you the proper way of shaving your legs, arms and other body parts. I am also going to review Gillette Venus Razor for Women which is my personal favorite.

Do you hate the pain and mess caused during waxing? You would agree with me that waxing is a time taking process too. But what other options do we have? We could shave instead of waxing. Seriously! Hairs will grow thicker after shaving and it will make my skin rough too. Is this what you believe? Or is this what you have been told since childhood? Shaving causes no harm. Not to me at least and not to a lot other women I know who shave on a regular basis. In fact it’s a completely painless way to get rid of all unwanted hairs. And yes shaving trims your hair and doesn’t take them out from the root so hairs might come back faster in comparison to waxing (everybody has different hair growth time) but you can shave daily or on alternate days as there is no harm in doing that. The only thing you need to do is choosing the right razor and doing it the right way.

How to shave your different body parts?

Shaving is painless, time consuming and budget friendly way of getting rid of all unwanted hairs. You remember the time when you woke up one morning and wished to wear a particular dress but couldn’t wore it as it required hair less legs and you don’t have time to wax and so you dropped the idea and wore something else. Well this is not going to happen anymore. You can shave your legs or arms whenever you wish to and that too in very less time. You just need to follow some simple steps.

1. Soak your legs or arms in warm water for 5 minutes or you can also do it while taking a hot water shower. I prefer hot water as it softens the skin and makes it easy to shave but you can also simply wet the area you want to shave.

2. Apply some shaving gel or you can apply aloe vera gel or you can avoid this step. I personally don’t apply anything as hot water already softens the skin.

3. Shave in the opposite direction of your hair growth. Different body parts have different direction of hair growth if hair length is downwards then shave upward and if hair direction is upwards then shave downwards. If you have to shave your bikini area then initially shave in the same direction of hair growth and afterwards shave in the opposite direction.(This is a personal advise)

4. Apply a moisturizer or aloevera gel after shaving to smoothen your skin and you are ready to go out.

How to choose the right razor?

Try not using a regular men’s razor or a used old razor. There are many razors available in the market for women which are specialized for shaving legs and hands. If you have bought a new razor ( I would prefer not buying a costly one) then use it for maximum 10 times. After that the razor becomes blunt and it does not shave properly.

Gillette Venus Review

I bought this Gillette Venus Razor last month and it cost me INR 60/- which is very cheap. Its head where the blades are is quite flexible. I first shaved my legs with it and they became really soft. The most shocking part was that my hair did not came back for more than a week. I am not saying that it is because of the razor but it felt as I have waxed my hair. It worked equally well for my hands as well. I am simply loving this pocket friendly razor and would recommend it to everyone. But please be careful at your joints as it might cause a cut there if you’ll not pay attention.

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