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Today I am going to talk about BOERICKE & TAFEL ARNICA SHAMPOO which I have been using for a month now. Arnica is a perennial herb belonging to the sunflower family which is said to have anti inflammatory properties and promotes hair growth and moisturises the scalp.

What the product claims?

The product claims that it contains ingredients like Arnica, Jaborandi Lavendula and salvia which exert a tonic influence on the scalp and keeps the hair healthy on regular use.

Key Ingredients

Arnica extract, Jaborandi extract, Lavendula extract, Salvia extract and Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate

How to use

Apply the shampoo on the scalp, rub gently with finger tips to produce foam, let the foam remain for two minutes and then wash. (or you can use it with the method I have told you in this post


Rs. 155/- for 250 ml

Buy it here-


It comes in a cylindrical shape bottle which has a lotion pump cap as you can see in the picture. This makes it convenient to use. It also comes in a small bottle which has flip top cap.

My Experience

I bought this shampoo from the chemist near my place after I got attracted to the words paraben free written on it and thought of giving it a try. It is a green color shampoo with not a very attractive fragrance(like those shampoo with harsh chemicals) but has a slightly sweet fresh mild smell. It cleanses your scalp properly but does not foam much lather if you compare to other shampoo. I would say you should use this if you are looking for a mild shampoo and it also has natural ingredients like Arnica, Jaborandi and salvia which is a plus point.


• mild shampoo

• paraben free

• natural ingredients

• not costly


• no cons

Will I recommend?

Yes, if you are looking for a regular shampoo with no harsh chemicals.

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