100% effective and best way to control hair fall

Hi Everyone! Today I am going to discuss the major problem everyone is facing nowadays, that is, HAIR FALL. I know many of you must be going through this horrifying experience of hair fall.

The Solution

The Solution to your hair fall problem is onion juice. Yes, you heard it right. You can treat severe hair fall condition with onion juice.

My Experience

I am not only saying because I have read it somewhere or I have heard it from someone, I have tried it for months and still using it. Well, it all started last year when suddenly my hair fall increased and after some months the condition became worse. My scalp became visible and I was so sure I’ll become bald soon. Then I heard about this onion juice solution and tried it as I was ready to try anything to stop my hair fall.

For the first 2-3 times no result was seen but after the 4th wash my hair fall reduced to half and after some more washes not a single strand of hair was falling off my head. In just one month my hair fall stopped completely and not only this many new hair started growing and my head where the baldness started many new tiny hair emerged from there. It proved to be a miraculous solution for me. But you have to be regular and consistent about using it and obviously you have to tolerate the smell.

How to use

• take one or two onion(depending on your hair length) extract juice from it by grating it and then straining it.

• add half a lemon’s juice to it.(It will also reduce some smell of the onion)

• add one spoon of coconut oil or Olive oil(or any oil of your choice)

• now apply it all over your scalp massaging gently for about 10 minutes and leave it for 2 hours.

• now wash off your hairs with your regular shampoo (try using a paraben free shampoo)

Believe me if you will use this remedy regularly after every 2-3 days you will see amazing results within 3 weeks. I have been using it for 3 months now and my hairs have become really long and strong.

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23 thoughts on “100% effective and best way to control hair fall

  1. My hair fall as well as hair growth have gone bad to worst. I started Ayurvedic treatment at a local clinic and did that for 2 years but no promising result. I am using protein shampoo given by the clinic and Parachute oil. I have tried numerous ways to control but unsuccessful. Your advice seems fruitful so will try this one as well. Please suggest names of parabean free shampoos. Thanks. K.

  2. I’ve never tried onions on my hair for any reason…. I’d be really worried about the smell! Hair absorbs strong smells very easily… it must smell reasonably unpleasant, doesn’t it? It’s interesting though, how effective everyday foods can be… more powerful than some drugs in some ways!

    There is an easier way to stop hair from falling out that doesn’t require putting a substance on your hair… eating parsnips several times a week in your diet. I discovered it by accident when experimenting making vegetable soups. It works best if you eat the parsnips as a blended puréed soup… not sure why that is, probably something to do with the body absorbing the nutrients faster I guess. My hair not only stopped falling out (hardly any hair on my hairbrush, it was almost empty of hair) but it caused lots of new hair growth and conditioned my hair with heavy natural oils that made my hair thick and glossy just like it was when I was in my 20’s. I turned 50 this year, I still have long thick hair. Before I started eating Parsnips my hair was thinning a lot… I just put it down to effects of age… but clearly, it wasn’t age at all, it was a lack of the right kind of vitamins and minerals… even though I’ve had a healthy diet for years, I just didn’t have the right kind of nutrients in my body to stop hair shedding too fast. Parsnips are such a seriously underrated root vegetable. I’ve spent years looking for anyone… even one person online mentioning the stunning benefits parsnips have on skin and hair… but there doesn’t seem to be anyone out there who knows about it. It can cure a dry flaking scalp and eczema too… makes skin wonderfully soft. I also discovered a blend of wholegrain Basmati, Red Camargue and Wild Rice cause hair to grow very fast. Please give them a try… you might be delighted with the results.

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